About Account

1.Where can I fill up my social media information?

Fill up by clicking setting-> Basic Info to complete your related social media information such as Tiktok, Youtube and Instagram.

About Shipment

1. How long will I receive my package?

After your application is approved, we will send the sample to you immediately, most of the packages need 5-7 days to arrive.

2. How can I track my package?

All the shipment information is in 'My Cooperation', you can got the information of when we send and expect arrival time on it.

About Submit

1. How can I get the cooperation information?

The cooperation information and requirement is on the campaign card. After you received the product, we will also send you an e-mail including the campaign's cooperation requirements. If you have any questions can contact the marketing manager by e-mail which is shows on the campaign card.

About Camapign

1. What kinds of products Gotvoom provide?

Gotvoom provides different kinds of category products such as Technology, Mom & Kids, Fitness & Sports, Kitchen... You can browse the For You category on the campaign page, we will recommend the campaign according to your interest.

2. How to negotiate with Brand for the cooperation fee?

Influencer need to negotiate with Brand for the cooperation fee by e-mail in the past, but in Gotvoom all the process is through the system.

3. How do I apply campaign?

Our campaign page has all the information you need to know before applying, selecting the cooperation related to your interest is much easier to approve. For more information, you can check our guidelines to start your campaign step by step.

4. How can I get the latest information of GotVoom?

All the latest information of GotVoom can be reached in our Facebook page and Twitter page which is coming soon, also in the future we will notice you through the website notification.

5. Do you provide samples of products I might want to feature?

Our campaign is separated into two-part, most of our paid and free campaigns related to video cooperation will include samples, and feeds for deal promotion will not provide samples. For more information, you can check your campaign page to view more.

About Payment

1. When will I get paid?

For fixed price payment, you will receive your payment within 3-5 days after the campaign is complete. For commission payment (coming soon), your payment will be paid after 14 days after the campaign is complete according to the platform rule.

2. What payment methods are available?

You can choose Paypal and bank transfer to recieve your payment.